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About Me

I have been on a 25 year journey including all the highs and all the lows life has to offer.
This journey and the experiences it has given me have brought me to my current position.
What is that position?
A competent and a confident life coach, with practical real world knowledge, combined with many years of dedicated study and learning.
Now as a NLP Practitioner, Time Line therapy Practitioner and Hypnotherapy Practitioner I know I can help people in a wide range of situations. This could be complex problems and phobias or just wanting to move your life forward from a good place to a great place.
My two areas of specialised knowledge are dealing with depression in its many guises and relationships. This is both personal and professional.
Depression and anxiety for the individual
How to live with a person with depression
How to change life styles to remove negativity and sadness
Please feel free to call me on 07780 676070 to ask anything you need to know.